Lost Creator Academy review

Lost Creator Academy review: Is it worth it? (GET 15% DISCOUNT)

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Do you want to learn how to take photos, shoot videos and edit them? Or would you like to improve your skills and learn how to earn money from these activities? Lost Creator Academy (LCA) by travel vlogger Christian LeBlanc (on social media as Lost LeBlanc) is a well-crafted online course that will help you with this and more. Plus, you get a bunch of bonuses, the most valuable of which is a community of 3900+ like-minded content creators.

The price for Lost Creator Academy is $799. It's a high price tag, and you're just one of many hesitating to buy for this very reason. This article aims to help you decide by outlining what you can get for that price and discussing the available 15% discount.

A lot of other members and I were hesitant too. I've been a subscriber of Christian (if you don't know him, you'll read more about him towards the end of the article) since his early days on YouTube and Instagram. That's why I was confident that his course would be of high quality.

Buying Lost Creator Academy is an investment in your education that, if you do something for it, will pay you back in the future. You don't buy such a course just for fun but to use and monetize the knowledge you gain. At the same time, it's not just the course itself. You will get other bonuses which you will find out about later in this review. The biggest one is the already mentioned community.

And if you're unsure even after reading this, you can rest assured that LCA offers a 30-day refund period if you watch less than 50% of the content.

Table of contents

Who is Lost Creator Academy for?

The Lost Creator Academy course is suitable for all levels of experience, from complete beginners to professionals.

Beginners will be mainly interested in the basics of using a camera, shooting, filming, and editing. Professionals will benefit from advanced editing methods, setting up paid collaborations, monetization opportunities, and networking with other members.

Lost Creator Academy is not just for those who want to create travel content but for anyone with a different focus. All creators of written and audiovisual content will find valuable information here. Do you photograph or film weddings or restaurants? This course is for you too. So it's not just limited to YouTubers, Instagrammers, or TikTokers.

Short summary of Lost Creator Academy
Price:$799 - keep reading for a tip on how to get 15% off and reduce the price to $679
Membership:lifetime access
Course progression:watch lessons at any time and in any order
Who is it for:beginners and professionals; photographers and videographers; influencers and entrepreneurs
Number of modules:10
Number of videos:130+
Number of lessons:70+
Number of coaches:7
Free training:yes, an introductory one-hour-long video that walks you through the entire Academy
Installment purchase option:yes, 4 x $225
Money back guarantee:yes, within 30 days if you have watched less than 50% of the videos
Bonuses:yes, a highly active Facebook group with 3900+ members, webinars, meetups, email templates, and much more
Join LCA

What will you learn in Lost Creator Academy?

The entire Lost Creator Academy course is divided into ten modules and offers free browsing. So you can start with beginner lessons or jump into more advanced topics.

In the following section, you'll find out what modules are available and what lessons they cover. Christian will guide you through all the lessons, and in the last module, other content creators like Paris Verra or Brett Conti will do the same.

Plus, new content is coming up as time goes on.

Screenshot of the Lost Creator Academy course interface
Preview of the Lost Creator Academy course interface.

1. Welcome - Let's Get Started

This module will teach you how to use the website and the Facebook group. There is also the Content Creator Crash Course, the one-hour-long video available for free before purchasing the course.

The topics are as follows:

  • How to Navigate LCA & the Facebook Community (15 min)
  • Content Creator Crash Course – LCA Training Video (43 min)

2. Content Creator Boot Camp

The second module focuses on aspects of content creation, such as being confident in front of the camera, tips for better videos and photos, getting free hotel stays, and how to make money from content creation in the first place.

The topics are as follows:

  • Confidence on Camera (6 min)
  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting (7 min)
  • 5 Things to Make your Videos WAY Better (7 min)
  • Which Social Media Platform is Best? (6 min)
  • 5 Things to Make your Photos WAY Better (9 min)
  • How to Get Free Hotels (With or Without a Following) (4 min)
  • What are the Risks of Becoming a Content Creator (7 min)
  • Vlogging Do's and Don'ts (5 min)
  • How to Make Money as a Content Creator (7 min)
  • Is it too late to Become a Content Creator? (5 min)

3. Creative: Basics

One of the most important lessons for those who are just starting with a camera or camcorder and need to learn the terminology as well as get familiar with the necessary equipment. Different camera settings will be shown in practice, and you will also learn about the most commonly used photo and video editing programs.

The topics are as follows:

  • Introduction to Creative (Photoshop vs. LR, Premiere vs. FCPX) (5 min)
  • Take Control of your Camera (Manual Shooting & Fundamentals) (35 min)
  • SHUTTER SPEED 101 (17 min)
  • APERTURE 101 (14 min)
  • ISO 101 (4 min)
  • Master your Camera (Tips & Tricks to Maximize your Camera) (35 min)
  • How to Tell a Good Story (30 min)
  • My Top Camera Picks (2020-2021) (10 min)
  • What Camera should YOU get? (Cameras, Lenses, Drones & Gimbals) (1 hr)
  • Do you REALLY need an iPad? (6 min)
  • The M1 Macbooks are game changing but you might not need it (15 min)
  • LEVEL UP Your Visuals – Contrast (Part 1) (14 min)
  • LEVEL UP Your Visuals – Composition (Part 2) (23 min)
  • How I Record from my Studio (Lighting, Audio, & Camera Setup) (11 min)
  • How to Store and Organize your Files (Media Management 101) (17 min)
  • How to Make Any Studio Look Beautiful (Lighting & Visuals) (25 min)
  • How to Make Any Studio Sound Incredible (Audio Tips & Microphones) (31 min)
  • Understanding Camera Sensor Sizes (16 min)
  • DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras – What is the Difference? (8 min)
  • Tell Stories That Captivate (Full Video Walkthrough) (33 min)
  • How to Make Horizontal Videos Vertical (14 min)

4. Creative: Videography

In the next creative module, you will learn how to create videos. You'll find tricks for becoming confident in front of the camera, do's and don'ts of vlogging, tips for controlling DJI drones, tips for using video editing programs (Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro), or working with sound and color editing. Finally, you'll look at creating a travel video from the actual filming to editing and other video adjustments.

The topics are as follows:

  • How to Become CONFIDENT on Camera (26 min)
  • Do's and Don'ts of Vlogging (24 min)
  • Drone 101 – Fly like a Pro (Tips, Tricks, and Settings) (39 min)
  • Final Cut Pro Bootcamp (Start Editing like a Pro) (1 hr 12 min)
  • Premiere Pro Bootcamp (Start Editing like a Pro) (52 min)
  • How to Edit Videos on a Slow Computer (Proxy Media & Library Management) (42 min)
  • Colour Grade like a Pro (Easy 2-Step Process) (44 min)
  • How to Maximize your Audio (EQ and Audio Post Production) (14 min)
  • How to Edit a Travel Video (Start to Finish) (1 hr 23 min)
  • 5-Steps to Edit an AMAZING video (Japan in 3 mins) (24 min)
  • How to FILM a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Lens) (28 min)
  • How to EDIT a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 1 (50 min)
  • How to EDIT a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 2 (47 min)
  • How to EDIT a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 3 (1 hr 10 min)
  • Sound Design Challenge – Common Mistakes & Key Tips (18 min)
  • How to Shoot a Timelapse (3 methods) (12 min)
  • How to Edit a Timelapse (23 min)
  • How I Edited my BEST Video Yet ("Sleep Can Wait") (1 hr 13 min)
  • Sarakiniko Video and Photoshoot (Behind The Lens) (12 min)

5. Creative: Photography

While the previous module discussed everything about shooting and editing videos, this section will introduce you to the process of shooting photos and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. You'll also learn what video thumbnails should look like and how to edit them.

The topics are as follows:

  • Portrait Shooting in Tokyo (Behind the Lens) (20 min)
  • Shoot Photos for Instagram WITHOUT a Photographer (Behind the Lens) (22 min)
  • Lightroom Bootcamp (Create Photo Edits you LOVE) (34 min)
  • Photoshop Bootcamp (Welcome the Most Powerful Photography Tool) (1 hr 7 min)
  • Photoshop Advanced Bootcamp (Sky Replacement and Composite Photography) (1 hr 4 min)
  • How to SHOOT & LAND a Hotel Collab (Behind the Lens) Part 1 (24 min)
  • How to EDIT a Hotel Collab (Behind the Edit) Part 2 (28 min)
  • Make Better Thumbnails – Get the Views you Deserve! (17 min)
  • My Best & Worst Thumbnails (How to Increase Click-Through Rate) (37 min)
  • Why my video went Viral – Cappadocia Thumbnail (Behind the Edit) (22 min)
  • Editing my "How to Travel Bali" Thumbnail (Behind the Edit) (19 min)
  • Underwater Suite Instagram Post (Behind the Instagram) (25 min)
  • Advanced Photo Editing (Panorama, Content Aware Scale, etc.) (29 min)
  • Editing Travel Photos in Lightroom (I EDIT YOUR PHOTOS) (20 min)
  • Editing a Portrait (I EDIT YOUR PHOTOS) (19 min)
  • Mastering the Petshoot (Behind the Lens) (11 min)
  • Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Instagram Post (Behind the Edit) (18 min)
  • How to Shoot Thumbnails (Behind the Lens) (5 min)

6. Creative: Reviewing Your Content

Not only Christian but other members of the LCA team are dedicated to reviewing your photos and videos and providing feedback in what is called Feedback Friday. So in this module, you will find past videos with feedback. Only the ones made by Christian are in this module (11 in total), and each is around 30 minutes long. Reviews by other LCA team members can be found in the Facebook group (the link only works for the group members).

7. Business: Monetization

The part everyone who wants to make a living creating content is interested in - how to monetize your work and how much money to ask for it. Do you want to provide content for free? Do you edit videos you've already shot, or do you go to a hotel where you shoot everything yourself and then edit? And do you need a high number of followers to monetize your content? Remember to have a valid contract, too, so you don't end up with no money.

The topics are as follows:

  • Build YOUR Action Plan (Time Management 101) (39 min)
  • How to Make Money with NO Following (27 min)
  • How to Position your Business (Build a Brand that will Last) (15 min)
  • How Lost LeBlanc Became a 7 Figure Business (my Revenue Streams) (32 min)
  • How do Brand Deals Work? (Get your First Client!) (20 min)
  • Walkthrough my First Brand Deal (my First $ Earned as a Content Creator) (19 min)
  • How to do Brand Deals that DON'T Hurt your Brand (17 min)
  • The Power of a Well-Written Email (My Email Templates for Collaborating) (20 min)
  • How to Price Yourself? (Get Paid what you Deserve) (35 min)
  • Contracts 101 (Understand What You're Signing!) (39 min)
  • How to Negotiate (Get the Upper Hand in the Deal) (21 min)
  • Art of the Collaboration (Get Free Hotels, Products & Really Anything) (26 min)
  • The #1 Monetization Opportunity Most Creators Miss (Email Funnel) (16 min)
  • Getting Collaborations WITHOUT a Large Following (Christopher Lau) (36 min)
  • How Much Should you Charge for Freelance Work (ft. Emmett Sparling) (33 min)
  • 10 Tips to Creating a Catchy and Memorable Brand Name (Creator Challenge #2) (9 min)
  • Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant? (ft. Lexie Limitless) (37 min)
  • How Having a Niche Pays $$$ (ft. Brett Conti) (41 min)
  • How to Become a Freelancer (ft. Cameron Vaughne) (43 min)

8. Business: Social Growth

Growth on social media is one of the most important goals for content creators. The videos in this module will help you understand the algorithms of Instagram and YouTube and, therefore, growth on these social networks.

The topics are as follows:

  • How to Grow on Instagram (the Things you Need to Start Today) (19 min)
  • Conquer the Instagram Algorithm (What Really Matters?) (34 min)
  • How to Grow on YouTube (The Things You Need to Start Today) (20 min)
  • Get your YouTube Videos in the Top Search Results (Search Engine Optimization) (35 min)
  • How to Become a Content Creator while Working Another Job (17 min)
  • How to Promote & Launch a Video (My Fastest Video to 100K Views) (44 min)
  • 45 Days of Posting Daily on Instagram (36 min)

9. Sell Your Own Product

The series of the following videos will walk you through how to create your own product, how to choose it, and how and where to promote and sell it.

The topics are as follows:

  • Introduction to Selling your Own Product (3 min)
  • Deciding your Product (21 min)
  • Getting your Website Ready (7 min)
  • Getting your Website Built (8 min)
    • Creating Shopify Store (1 min)
    • Opening Squarespace Website (1 min)
  • How to Market & Sell your Product (12 min)
    • Opening a ConvertKit account (1 min)
      • Opening a MailChimp account (1 min)
      • Opening MailChimp account (1 min)
      • Opening MailChimp account (1 min)
  • Building your Email List (16 min)
    • Creating an Email Broadcast (3 min)
    • Creating an Email Sequence (5 min)
  • Facebook Community Groups (6 min)
  • Possible Products (Presets, Ebooks, Courses) (9 min)
  • Setting Up Thinkific (3 min)
    • Opening Teachable Account (3 min)

10. Creator Coaches

Christian is not the only one who has prepared lessons for you. He often invites other creators to do live workshops for members, and the recordings are then available in this section.

The guests and their topics are as follows:

  • Sydney Symons – Working with models & shooting with brands (15 min)
  • Malthe Zimakoff – Landscape photography part 1 (Lightroom) (13 min)
  • Malthe Zimakoff – Landscape photography part 2 (Photoshop) (22 min)
  • Malthe Zimakoff – Shaping light in Lightroom & Photoshop (19 min)
  • Malthe Zimakoff – How to revive a colorless photo (22 min)
  • Malthe Zimakoff – Advanced level drone photo editing (19 min)
  • Malthe Zimakoff – Changing a cloudy image to a dynamic photo (33 min)
  • Malthe Zimakoff – How to Edit Portrait Photos (33 min)
  • Jakob Burkhardt – E-Commerce studio photography (shoot and edit) (14 min)
  • Jakob Burkhardt – Stylize your lighting (studio shooting) (7 min)
  • Jakob Burkhardt – Level up your gimbal movements (8 min)
  • Paris Verra – How to change the color of your clothing (15 min)
  • Paris Verra – Get the perfect photo (even when alone) (24 min)
  • LCA Competition Winner Karol Kru – Edit Floating Photos (14 min)
  • Lexie Limitless – How to Script a Vlog (16 min)
  • Lexie Limitless – How to Plan a Trip for Content (24 min)
  • Brett Conti – When Should You Hire (23 min)
  • Brett Conti – Attract Brand Deals and Get Paid MORE (23 min)

What else will you get when you sign up for Lost Creator Academy?

The course itself is one of many things you get for your money. Lost Creator Academy has attracted other creators who focus on topics other than travel. This has created a massive and active community of like-minded people with whom you can consult, learn from or collaborate with.

Facebook group Lost Creator Academy

The most significant benefit is the Lost Creator Academy Facebook group. This community is accessible only to course members, currently numbers over 3,900 people, and averages around 400 posts per month. It is the main place to get updates and socialize with members.

Screenshot of Lost Creator Academy Facebook group
Facebook group for Lost Creator Academy members.

Christian and the LCA team post news about the Academy here, online Zoom events such as LCA Social, LCA Quiz, workshops by other members, and more. He also occasionally shares updates from his life and business here.

If you're expecting Christian to answer your question directly, know that he does try to answer a lot of posts. Even if others may have already offered a solution.

Screenshot of Christian's comment replying to a member's question

Members don't just ask questions here about the course itself but also about travel, arranging meetups, or sharing their experiences, successes, and failures. By reading through the discussions, you gain further valuable knowledge from others.

Lastly, it is an excellent place for networking and establishing collaborations with other creators. And as I mentioned, you'll find both complete beginners and long-time professionals here. Want to work with the best hotels in the Philippines? A complimentary upgrade to a hotel suite at Mariott hotels? Or stay for free on a farm with another LCA member in South Africa? Those offers are here too.

Screenshots of Facebook group posts with networking opportunities
Some of the networking opportunities other members offer.

The group is such an essential part of the whole course, and the unique content makes it of significant value. If you're not on Facebook, I recommend creating an account for at least that reason.

Join the community

Feedback Friday

Each week you can share your photo or video in the comments section of the current Feedback Friday post - the form of the content is always indicated. Robbie Deffense (formerly Christian Leblanc and Chris Garbo) then shares an approximately 30-minute video on Fridays in which he provides feedback on selected photos or videos.

These videos can be found in the Facebook group. The older ones with Christian can be found in the Academy's module called Creative: Reviewing YOUR Content.

Screenshot of Facebook group post with a video review of others' work
One of the Feedback Friday posts by Robbie Deffense.

Social Saturday

Every Saturday, a post appears to which you can add comments with your latest creation - photo, video, before/after, blog post, etc. You can upload audiovisual content directly into comments or insert a link.

Screenshot of Christian LeBlanc's Facebook group post announcing Social Saturday
Christian announcing another Social Saturday where you can share your work.

Communities of other members

While the Lost Creator Academy Facebook group is the main, largest, and most active one, since November 2021, you can start your own group/community for LCA (Find Your Fam!) members specializing in a specific niche. Members set up groups on any platform (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.), and the list is open to all members to join anytime.

Screenshot of the Find Your Fam! spreadsheet with some of the groups
Some of the groups you can join thanks to Find Your Fam!

For example, we have a Facebook group for travel bloggers. Other groups are for Canadians, members in Bali (I believe this group is one of the most active), FPV drone pilots, or teachers on the road.

Find Your Fam! replaced the Discord server (which still works, but there is no activity there), which had low activity and far fewer members than the Facebook group.

Screenshot of LCA Travel Bloggers Facebook group
One of the many Find Your Fam! Facebook groups - LCA Travel Bloggers.

Opportunity for collaborations

Christian decided to offer collaborations that he cannot accept to LCA members. Just fill out a form (members-only link) with information about your social media profiles, focus, and contact details. As soon as there is a collaboration offer that would be suitable for you, someone from the LCA team will get in touch.

Screenshot of Christian's email about the opportunity to apply for brand deals he won't take
Christian's announcement of an opportunity to apply for brand deals he won't be able to take.

Collaboration email templates

Email templates make it easy for you to reach out to different companies, businesses, or services you want to collaborate with. However, you need to customize each template to fit you and the entity you are reaching out to for collaboration.

For example, you can find templates for offering photos in exchange for a hotel stay, last-minute outreach, getting products to promote, and more.

Calculator of how much to charge

Another valuable bonus is a calculator to help you with how much to charge for your services. You can choose based on whether you focus on YouTube, Instagram, videos, or photos, as well as the size of your audience or the complexity of the work.

Lost Creator House in Bali

Christian opened Lost Creator House in Bali - a coliving and co-working space for all digital nomads and content creators who are LCA members. It is a base for various meetups and workshops. It is located just off the beach in Cemagi, west of Canggu - a quiet area where, unlike Canggu, rice paddies and tranquility prevail for now.

The house has a rooftop gym overlooking the ocean, a fully equipped recording studio, a home coffee bar, and it offers spaces to work privately or with others.

It opened in November 2022, and a 20% discount is offered for stays of two weeks or more. A bed in a six-bed shared room costs IDR 200,000/night, IDR 1,300,000/week, IDR 2,000,000/two weeks, and IDR 3,600,000/month. A private double room costs IDR 480 000/night, IDR 3 200 000/week, IDR 4 500 000/two weeks, and IDR 8 800 000/month. If it's fully booked, you can always find another fantastic villa with a pool nearby.

Screenshot of a photo gallery with photos from the opening of Lost Creator House

Adobe Lightroom presets

If you take advantage of a discount on LCA at the right time and are among the fastest, you can get a bundle of Lightroom presets by Christian.

Zoom calls

With the Facebook group, I mentioned invitations to various online events. These are organized through Zoom, and there is usually at least one event each month.

LCA Social

LCA Social is the most popular online gathering. At the beginning, Christian or someone from the team mentions current events. Then there is a group discussion or breaking up into groups of four or one-on-one. Each LCA Social lasts 2-3 hours.

LCA Quiz

Once in a while, you can meet other members at LCA Quiz and win a prize.

Movie Night

During Movie Night, you watch interesting videos. Afterward, the techniques of making or editing them are discussed.

Edit and Chill

Edit and Chill is an event where you can edit photos or videos together, discuss them, and share your experiences.

Co-working Session

At the beginning of each Co-working Session, you share with others what you need to work on and your goal. Then everyone spends one hour on their work. After this hour, you discuss whether you have succeeded in meeting your goal.

LCA meetings

LCA offers lots of opportunities to meet. Whether online thanks to the options mentioned above or in person around the world. Christian participates in some in-person meetings as well.

One of the largest live meetups will be LCA Worldwide Meet-up, a series of worldwide meetings based on a poll organized within the group. It will be held on December 28, 2022.

Online workshops

LCA members also hold workshops where they share their skills or accomplishments and how they achieved them.

So far, the following workshops have been held (links only work for LCA members who are in the FB group):

Creator challenges

If you lack inspiration or motivation, creator challenges may be for you. Each challenge has a specific theme, such as storytelling, sound design, or confidence in front of the camera.

30-Day Challenge

The latest addition to the bonuses is a 30-Day Challenge that focuses on growing on YouTube. Every third day, you'll have one video and one challenge, with ten videos in total. If you follow all the advice and complete all the challenges, your videos should reach 10,000 views.

Screenshot of a side course 30-Day Challenge
The latest LCA addition - 30-Day Challenge.

Discount on Adobe Creative Cloud products

Lost Creator Academy can be considered as education, which is why many members successfully got a student discount on Adobe Creative Cloud. The regular student price is $19.99/month, but some were able to get it down to $15.99 during Black Friday. So, for that price, you can have the entire Adobe Creative Cloud package, which includes Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and many other programs. That normally costs $54.99/month, so you'll save up to 70%, up to $468 a year.

YouTube Accelerator Program

The YouTube Accelerator Program is a four-week intensive course focused on YouTube. This program is not included in LCA but is only available to members for a fee of $299. The program is open to 100 members each term. Due to the cost and the fact that the program is held live, it is a good idea to ensure your time availability.

During this program, classes are live every Wednesday at 9 am EST, and each class has an assignment. Feedback is also provided live on completed assignments on Mondays or Tuesdays. In this case, participants are divided into groups of ten according to experience and time zones. Each group also has its own Facebook group.

The first week focuses on video thumbnails and titles, the second week is devoted to storytelling, the third to video editing, and the last week to what to focus on after the video is published.

I want all the extras

Lost Creator Academy discounts

Christian occasionally runs promotions during which you can buy the Lost Creator Academy course at a significant discount. However, you can get a 15% discount outside the promotions.

15% discount on Lost Creator Academy

The price of Lost Creator Academy is currently $799, but you can easily get a 15% discount and get the course for $679, saving you $120.

How to do it?

Go to the free one-hour content creator training that will walk you through everything you can learn in Lost Creator Academy.

Towards the end of this one-hour video, you'll see a button below the video to purchase the course at a 15% discount. The promo is applied automatically, and no coupon code is needed.

Get 15% discount
Screenshot of an introductory video with the option to get a 15% discount
You will find the option to get a 15% discount below the video.

Black Friday Sale

Another way to get cheaper access to Lost Creator Academy is thanks to Black Friday. During 2021 Black Friday, there was a 30% discount, and you could get the course for $240 cheaper. In 2022, the course was available for $499.

But wait, there's more! The last two Black Fridays offered the possibility of several prizes:

  • win free access to Lost Creator Academy,
  • win creator mentoring,
  • win a 7-day creator trip to Bali.

However, there's no guarantee that there will be another Black Friday discount or that the course won't get more expensive by then, so you'll end up paying the same or more than you would now. You'll miss out on a few months when you could work on yourself and possibly recoup your investment.

Birthday Sale

In 2021, Lost Creator Academy celebrated its first birthday, and Christian offered a 25% discount to mark the occasion. However, it is uncertain whether the birthday discount will repeat.

Who is Christian LeBlanc, author of Lost Creator Academy?

Christian LeBlanc is a successful Canadian travel vlogger who quit his job as an accountant in 2015 to pursue his travel dream. He goes by the name Lost LeBlanc on social media.

He started with just a GoPro camera and gained a lot of fans with his simple but catchy vlogs of his backpacking trips, mainly in Southeast Asia. Over the years, he has become one of the top travel vloggers, not only in quality but also in the fan base.

I recommend going back to the beginning of his vlogs and seeing the progress made over the years.

This eventually led Christian to create the online course Lost Creator Academy, where he shares his valuable experience.

You can find Christian on YouTube and Instagram. Some fans missed his regular vlogs, so in January 2022, he started publishing "good old vlogs" on a second channel, Lost LeVlog.

Screenshot of Lost LeBlanc's YouTube channel
YouTube channel of Lost LeBlanc.

LCA member success stories

First collaboration with a hotel. Hitting a particular milestone of views, interactions, or followers. Money earned for working with a hotel or selling a video. Establishing a partnership with a dream client. An interview in a magazine. Or a role on the Netflix series Outer Banks. LCA members share similar accomplishments in a Facebook group under the hashtag #successstories.

Why you should join Lost Creator Academy right now

Suppose you want to become a content creator and learn how to monetize it. In that case, Lost Creator Academy is one of the best online courses. With 130+ videos and 70+ hours, you'll learn not only the basics and advanced techniques of shooting and creating videos but also how to turn your passion into a moneymaking business.

  • The Academy is open to content creators of all skill levels, from beginners just starting out to seasoned professionals looking to expand their knowledge and experience.
  • It covers a wide range of topics, from preproduction, shooting, storytelling, postproduction, and monetization. You will learn the essential skills needed to create high-quality content.
  • Experienced coaches passionate about the photo and video production and with a depth of knowledge share their experiences.
  • The course is convenient and flexible so that you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • You will make friends from all over the world. In a few months in Asia, I met other members from Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, and the USA. And I even found out that a friend from Poland, whom I met a few years ago in Romania, also joined the course.
Alrighty, sign me up!

Do you have any questions about LCA? Ask me in the comments below or message me on Instagram.

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