The Complete One Day Petra Guide (+FREE Trail Map)

One-day Petra guide with map

Is one day in Petra enough?


One day is enough time to see all of the main attractions of the Lost City of Petra. This complete one-day Petra guide will help you to make the most of your visit.

As a bonus, you will find a map of Petra with trails and all of the mentioned places at the end of this post.

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Lagodekhi waterfalls – Ninoskhevi & Black Grouse Waterfall

Lagodekhi Waterfalls

The town of Lagodekhi is located in Kakheti – the eastern part of Georgia – on the edge of the Lagodekhi Protected Areas and near the border with Azerbaijan. It’s easily reachable from Tbilisi by marshrutkas, and most people visit Lagodekhi for its preserved nature and hiking activities. You can easily hike to two waterfalls in Lagodekhi – Ninoskhevi and Black Grouse.

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Cliff jumping in Sarpi, Georgia

Cliff jumping in Sarpi

Bored with swimming and sunbathing at Georgian beaches? Get a free dose of adrenaline and try cliff jumping in Sarpi! Sarpi is 18 km south of Batumi, and it’s not only a border crossing town between Georgia and Turkey. It also offers some cliffs to jump off into the Black Sea.

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Renting a car in Georgia and my experience with CARS 4 RENT

Rent a car in Georgia with CARS 4 RENT

Renting a car can often become a nightmare full of hidden fees and other unpleasant practices by car rental companies. When I wanted to rent a car in Georgia, I did a survey in advance, and CARS 4 RENT car rental seemed to be the best one regarding the reviews and prices. Also, the rental price includes full car insurance and additional drivers.

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