How to fly to Mestia from Natakhtari (Tbilisi) and Kutaisi

Updated on 27th April 2018

Are you in Tbilisi or Kutaisi and you want to go to Mestia in the Svaneti region or vice versa? You don’t want to go there from Tbilisi for almost 8 hours and be squeezed in a marshrutka? This journey can be much shorter if you fly there. And it’s not expensive! Flights are operated by a small Czech-made propeller plane LET 410-UVP-E with a Ukrainian registration UR-LSA.


In Natakhtari, about 23 km north of Tbilisi, there is an airport from which you can fly to Mestia. Flights are provided by Vanilla Sky and operated by Service Air. During summer, flights take place on Monday, TuesdayWednesday, ThursdayFriday, and Sunday.

Ticket prices:

  • adult 90 GEL
  • child 3–12 y. o. 63 GEL
  • child 0–3 y. o. free

Current flight schedule Natakhtari – Mestia valid until 30th June 2018


You will be taken to the Natakhtari airport by a microbus which departs from the Rose Revolution Sq. (corner of Kiacheli str. & Rose Revolution sq., the opposite side of the Bike monument), and the transport is included in the ticket price. The departure is 45 minutes before indicated flight check-in time. Transport to Tbilisi is also provided after arrival from Mestia.

Natakhtari Airport

Natakhtari Airport


prices from €3/night

In Tbilisi, you will find many hostels, guest houses, apartments, and hotels. I recommend staying nearby Shota Rustaveli Ave., Old City, or Marjanishvili Sq. You can also stay next to the Natakhtari airport at Vanilla Sky hotel.


Beginning March 10, 2016, there are new flights between Kutaisi and Mestia which is useful for those who arrive in Georgia with Wizzair. The departure is from the international airport (don’t get confused by that small airstrip in Kutaisi). Transport to and from the airport is not provided. You can get to the airport by marshrutkas departing from the bus station next to McDonald’s for 2 GEL. These flights take place every Monday and Friday.

Ticket prices:

  • adult 50 GEL
  • child 3–12 y. o. 35 GEL
  • child 0–3 y. o. free

Current flight schedule Kutaisi – Mestia valid until 30th June 2018



prices from €3/night

Even Kutaisi is not a beautiful city, there are some unique places around to see (Sataplia Nature Reserve, Okatse Canyon, Martvili Canyon, or Kinchkha Waterfall). For easiest transportation, I recommend staying close to the bus/marshrutka and train station (both next to McDonald’s).

Prices start at €3 for a bed in a hostel dormitory, but you will find also guest houses and high standard hotels.


The building of the Queen Tamara airport in Mestia was built at the end of 2010, and according to this BBC article, it is among the ten most beautiful airports in the world. It is about 2.5 km far from Mestia city center so you can easily walk, take a taxi or try to hitchhike.

Queen Tamar airport in Mestia

Queen Tamar airport in Mestia


prices from €3/night

Since tourism is increasing in this small mountain town, you will find many guest houses in Mestia. You can choose from cheap hostels, guest houses, or go for more expensive hotels offering stunning views of this Svanetian city.


You can book the flight at the Vanilla Sky office in Tbilisi, or online. You can book the flight 60 days prior departure. You can cancel the booking not later than 48 hours before the departure time stated on the ticket. Foreigners must have a passport, it’s not possible to travel just with a national ID.

If you need to ask them any question, I recommend using Facebook. They respond quite quickly.


The address of the office is Vaja Phshavela Ave 5, Tbilisi. Opening hours: Mon–Fri: 10:00–18:00, Sat: 10:00–13:00. Email:, or (but it seems they are very good at ignoring this email). Telephone: +995 32 2 428 428+995 32 2 427 427+995 599 65 90 99, or +995 599 45 25 25. I recommend you paying by card in case the flight will be canceled, so it will be easier to refund you the money.


You can buy the tickets on Vanilla Sky website. The whole booking process is not user-friendly at all – you can’t see the available dates in the calendar so you have to try a few dates until you find a free flight. You can’t also book more tickets at once and because you can’t see the number of available seats. Well, good luck. After booking, you will receive an email with the ticket. There is no info if you have to print it, so I guess you don’t have to.


Canceled flight to Mestia

Canceled flight to Mestia

Flights are operated under Visual Flight Rules so unfortunately, flights to Mestia are often canceled due to the bad weather conditions in the mountains. Don’t expect they will let you know the status of the flight (they sent us an email one day before with the information that the departure will be postponed, but didn’t contact us on the day of departure that the flight is canceled). Yes, their customer service is  So always have a backup plan.

In case you did booking online, or at the office and paid by card there, you will get the refund back to your card within 30 days. You can get it earlier if you contact them by email. The same applies for cancellation from your side.

If you did booking at the office and paid in cash, then I don’t know, I can only wish you good luck. Will you get the refund at the airport? Will you get it at every airport? Or do you have to go back to their office in Tbilisi? Or will they transfer it to your bank account, so you will probably pay a fee for a transaction in a foreign currency? Let me know in the comments if you know the answer.

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Your ticket can even look like this

Your ticket can even look like this

Interior of LET 410-UVP

Interior of LET 410-UVP-E

Cockpit of LET 410-UVP

Cockpit of LET 410-UVP-E

Enjoy your flight!

Enjoy your flight!


  1. We wanna book a flight in August although no timetables are published atm. Any ideas about when it will be published?




    • Hey Mike, normally they start selling tickets 60 days prior the flight but now they are waiting for some approval by the government. I suggest you to follow them on Facebook so you know when it’s online.


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    • Hi there! I’m also interested for August. I called Vanilla Sky this morning and the lady on the phone told me that timetables will be published on the website after June 15th. For now there are no results on any future search. I forgot to ask about the flight duration, though. Do you have any idea?


  3. Hey Slávek, the condition says that the luggage “should not exceed” 15 kilos. We go hiking and we expect our luggage around 20 kilos. Do you have some experience or any info about the strictness of local officials to the luggage weight limit?


    • Hey Michal, sorry, I don’t. Feel free to send them a message on Facebook Messenger, they will tell you if there is any chance for this.


  4. Hey Slavek,

    If you could only choose to travel to two of these three: Kazbegi, Svaneti, Tusheti
    Which two would you choose? We want to hike to remote beautiful views and also see stunning sites.


    • Hey, that’s a tough question. I haven’t been to Tusheti, but I would like to give it a visit. I believe all of the areas are great for hiking with stunning views. I would choose Svaneti for sure.


  5. hey Slavek, need your opinion, staying in Mestia for 6 days, isnt it two much? Asking because I Have opportunity to stay for 4 or for 6 days. thans


  6. Hey Slavek, thank you for the great description of the possibility to shorten the traveltime in Georgia. Do you know if there are any special restriction for luggage? We might have some camping stuff including tent, small knife, scissors etc. Thanks, Lukas


    • Hey Lukas, I’m glad you find it helpful 🙂 Two years ago the security took my small knife and gave it back to me at the airport in Mestia. But I’m not sure how does it work now. Send them a message on Facebook, they reply pretty fast.


  7. Hi Slavek,
    Its very helpfull informtion.
    Im planning a man’s trip fir a week.
    Do you have any other tip’s for extream like rafting, bangi or ot places to be?


    • Hey Moshe, I haven’t tried any extreme adventure in Georgia, but I know you can try rafting (don’t know where exactly), paragliding in Gudauri (but you will probably find more places for it) or you can take a tour on a cross motorbike.


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  10. Hi,
    I would like to book an airticket from Mestia to Tbilisi but Vanilla Sky said that all seats are reserved. Do you know any other flight company that also fly this route?

    Thank you in advance,



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