Road to Vardzia surrounded by rocks.

20 steps to become a true Georgian driver

Driving in Georgia is… Specific. It seems many Georgian drivers have been gifted with immortality. Well, at least they drive as if they were. Even though I have spent there three months, traveling in Georgia by car can always surprise me and give me a heart attack.

1. Buy a CNG car with the steering wheel on the right side because it's cheaper. The less you see when passing, the better.

2. You should buy BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

3. You have the CNG car so don't forget to ask passengers to leave the car when refueling. Safety is safety. But, for God's sake, don't forget to smoke during refueling!

4. Reverse on a highway.

5. Don't keep garbage inside your car but throw it out of the window immediately.

6. Pass in bends.

7. Pass when there is a solid line. Twice more points if it's a double solid line.

8. Pass when there is oncoming traffic.

9. Pass inside a tunnel. With lights off.

10. Pass when a car from oncoming traffic is also passing.

11. Make your own variants of dangerous passing.

12. Have a crack in the windscreen. The more, the better hierarchical position.

13. In bends, show off that you can use two lanes at once.

14. Listen to a crappy, cheap and loud Russian and Georgian music.

15. Don't slow down when there are cows or pigs chilling on the road. They might moooove.

16. Only use the safety belt in the presence of the police, but only the chest part. Freedom is freedom.

17. Take more passengers in the car than what it is intended for, so the one in the middle seat doesn't have to use the seat belt. On behalf of Georgian drivers, we wish you a pleasant flight.

18. Turn on the lights when it's really dark. Until then no one needs to see you.

19. Ignore the pedestrians who want to use the crosswalk.

20. If you need to cross yourself when spotting a cross, but you have one hand out of the window holding a cigarette, use the hand you are holding the steering wheel with. True masters can do this in bends.

Anyway, I can recommend visiting this beautiful and hospitable country to everyone. You can always use a train or a plane for traveling around Georgia. Have you been to Georgia? Do you have more tips how to become a true Georgian driver? Or some scary stories from Georgian roads? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 comments on “20 steps to become a true Georgian driver”

  1. I just came back from a road trip to Georgia. I drove from Turkey to Batumi and to Tbilisi and back. I am in awe of how dangerously the Georgian drivers are driving. I thought Turkish drivers were notoriously bad but Georgians are at a very different level. Anyway, I happened to search the web if I was expecting too much on the road or if Georgia indeed had a bad reputation for its drivers. I guess I got my answer!

  2. The guy we've had today did everything (almost apart fr 3and18) that was written here. Man, you're a genius.