Ziplining a waterfall in a dense jungle in Bali.

Adrenaline canyoning in Bali

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After spending a few months in Bali, I wanted to try something more unique than snorkeling or hiking a volcano. Last year's canyoning on Filipino island of Cebu didn't cure my fear of heights, but that didn't stop me from doing something "worse" in Bali. This time the difficulty increased due to abseiling. Adventure and Spirit offers several canyoning (or canyoneering) tours of various difficulty in the northern part of Bali. I chose Double K Discovery in the Kerenkali canyon, which consists of two separately available parts of Kalimudah and Kali Kecil.

Preparation for getting wet

The meeting in their base camp at the Gitgit Falls was at eight o'clock in the morning. You can choose breakfast from several meals such as scrambled eggs, nasi goreng, or pancake and tea or coffee. Meanwhile, we met an incredibly friendly and entertaining, three-member team of instructors – two of them will take care of your survival and one will document your survival efforts by taking photos and filming. After filling in the personal information document, we were introduced to the canyon profile and the necessary equipment. There was a theoretical and practical briefing on how to handle the equipment and how to move safely in the canyon. We put on our neoprenes, get on a pickup truck, and headed to the start of the canyon.

Slides, jumping, abseiling, and zip-line

After about fifteen minutes we arrived, walked another part to the start point through a jungle and suddenly we were walking through a pleasantly cool stream toward the first dose of adrenaline. To warm up, there was a first slide that did not slip very much. The next obstacle was worth it – the first abseiling. Well, my performance wasn't perfect, but for the first time... Maybe one day I'll do it in three seconds instead of thirty like instructors. Then the first jump follows, and instructor Rama makes it easier by counting, so if you're at least somewhat determined to jump those four meters, then you won't stand there forever. Make sure you propel enough, so you don't meet the sloping rock below. When you come up to the surface and look back up, you just think it's not that high. A zip-line was waiting for us at the end of Kalimudah. There we had to abseil a few meters and then enjoy the ride. And the answer to the question how do we stop at the end? The cliff wall will do it for us.

After about two hours, we arrived at the end of the first part where there was the longest abseiling through the waterfall that tried to take my contact lenses. Fortunately without success. Under the waterfall, there are the remains of a temple and a hot spring pond, which has come to hand. We got snacks and tea and went to the second part called Kali Kecil. Even though it is shorter, it certainly isn't boring. Two water slides, two abseiling, and one jump. Upon completion of the second part, the car was waiting for us in the parking lot, and after a while, we were having a lunch back at the base camp.

You will become part of the ICOpro community

The whole trip took us a little over three hours, and I wouldn't mind if it was longer. At lunch, those who survived (all of us) received an ICOpro member card of a Canyoneer Initiation (ICTC/CAI) level. So if you wish to continue with canyoning, it can bring you some benefits, and you can also go for a professional career. You can also view a map of canyons on their website.

Where to book?

At the Adventure & Spirit website, or in their office in Ubud.


From 110 to 495 USD. 15% discount for ICOpro card holders. The price includes transport, breakfast and lunch, all equipment and photos (take an USB stick or memory card). Videos are for extra 10 USD.

My rating?

I want to do it again right now!

Further information

You can keep your things at the base camp, so if it's just your stop on the way, you don't have to worry about luggage. There are also showers and toilets. I didn't take my phone with me to the canyon on the instructor's recommendation, but it shouldn't be a problem with a waterproof case if you place it properly when jumping. So if you want to experience something else than beaches, yoga, rice fields and adrenaline while riding a motorbike, then I can highly recommend getting some adrenaline with Adventure and Spirit in one of the Bali's canyons.


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