Spectacular view of Pulau Padar Island in Komodo National Park.


Desert, camels and salt lake at Kashan

The previous part: Is Yazd the most beautiful city in Iran? Play the music for better atmosphere: To Kashan around anti-aircraft guns Departure to the Isfahan Bus Station was according to the classic scenario. Stop a taxi, negotiate a reasonable price and then find someone to show us where to buy a ticket and from which […]
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Adrenaline canyoning in Bali

After spending a few months in Bali, I wanted to try something more unique than snorkeling or hiking a volcano. Last year's canyoning on Filipino island of Cebu didn't cure my fear of heights, but that didn't stop me from doing something "worse" in Bali. This time the difficulty increased due to abseiling. Adventure and […]
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Is Yazd the most beautiful city in Iran?

Previous part: To Iran without a plan Play the music for better atmosphere: Noodle ice cream in Shiraz In Shiraz, we were already expected by our first Iranian couchsurfer. We weren't able to contact him about our exact time of arrival, so he had to wait for us a little bit longer. You won't find […]
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To Iran without a plan

Play the music for better atmosphere: During summer 2015 in Georgia, we knew that we want to visit Iran. Everywhere present road signs to Tehran were provoking, but the trip wouldn't worth it for 4 days at max. Well, last autumn we wanted to go back to Georgia for at least a week, but Kačka […]
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Hostel review: The Circle Hostel Baler, Philippines

Why Baler?? Baler is a place where surfing started in Philippines. Because of the filmmakers of war movie Apocalypse Now who left there surfboards after filming so locals could start to learn. Over time Baler has become a surfing destination where surf competitions are also held. I stayed for only one day and two nights […]
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Transportation in Tbilisi

Public transportation in Tbilisi is good, bud the traffic can be madness. Into three lanes fit at least four cars and drivers are not used to give priority to pedestrians. The only safe options are crosswalks with traffic lights, overpasses and underpasses. But you can cross the street anywhere you want, you won't get a fine […]
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