People jumping into a sea from a rock in a Georgian town of Sarpi.

Cliff jumping in Sarpi, Georgia

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Bored with swimming and sunbathing at Georgian beaches? Get a free dose of adrenaline and try cliff jumping in Sarpi! Sarpi is 18 km south of Batumi, and it's not only a border crossing town between Georgia and Turkey. It also offers some cliffs to jump off into the Black Sea.

Cliff jumping spots in Sarpi

The cliff jumping spots in Sarpi are located at the northern tip of Sarpi beach, and you can easily walk there from the main parking lot next to the border crossing.

There are two cliff diving spots next to each other. The lower one can be about 2 meters high while the higher one can be about 6 or 7 meters high. From both of the spots, you jump into the same deep and safe area.

It's pretty straightforward to get back to the lower rock after jumping. To get back to the higher one, you either swim to the beach or swim to the left and climb the rock from there. Some parts are slippery so be careful.

During sunny summer days, it can get a little bit crowded, but not everybody is willing to jump immediately so feel free to skip the line up there.

How to get to Sarpi from Batumi

Before going to Sarpi, you will be probably staying or transferring in Batumi. The cheapest way to get from Batumi to Sarpi is by marshrutka. Because there is a border crossing to Turkey in Sarpi, marshrutkas frequently depart from Tbilisi square – a parking lot next to the main road between Holy Mother Virgin Nativity Cathedral and Argo Cable Car station. The price for a marshrutka is 1 GEL, and you pay when you get off.

If you are staying far away from Tbilisi sq., you can get to the square by taxi, it should cost you around 3–6 GEL depending on the distance. For example, the price for a route from McDonald's next to the Batumi Mall to Tbilisi sq. was less than 4 GEL. The second option to catch a marshrutka to Sarpi is to stop it on the way. Marshrutkas follow the main road E70 to Sarpi so you can stop them anywhere and if there is some free place, the driver will take you.

You can also take a taxi from Batumi to Sarpi. It should cost you around 15 GEL one way.

What to do in Sarpi

Not into cliff jumping? Well, except for swimming and sunbathing, there is hardly anything else to do. You can visit St. Andrew the Apostle church, do some hiking in the surrounding mountains, or go for a trip to visit an ancient Roman fortress in Gonio.

Where to stay in Sarpi

Even though Sarpi is just a small town, you will find many guesthouses there with prices starting at 30 GEL per night.

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