I create these Spotify travel playlists to evoke the atmosphere of the specific location in the world. Perfect for your backpacker or road trips in these regions. There are currently playlists for tropical destinations, orient, and Africa.

You need a Spotify account (free) to be able to listen to the full songs. With a paid subscription, you can also download the music for offline use.

Do you have a song suggestion for any of these playlists? Or a suggestion for a whole new playlist? Let me know in the comments down below.


Are you traveling to Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, or any other tropical destination where a coconut 🥥 can fall on your head? Then tune in these tropical vibes and enjoy the paradise. The playlist is full of tropical house, EDM, and chill music.


Heading to the beauty of African nature to spot the big five or visiting traditional tribes? This playlist is great for your safari road trip, and it is full of cinematic, tribal, and African choir music.


Exploring pyramids, riding camels through the sand dunes and tasting Middle Eastern cuisine? The playlist is full of typical oriental, middle eastern and Arabic songs you can know also from movies.