Many travelers will enjoy an Airbnb discount, which will make it possible for them to book accommodation for which they would otherwise not want to pay. Here are six tips and tricks to get cheaper accommodation on Airbnb.

1. Get €37 or €28 in Airbnb credit with a new account

If you do not already have an Airbnb account yet, there is a discount for your first stay. Create the account via this link, and you will get a €37 discount for your first stay of €67 or more in total value. Or register via this link, and you will get a €28 credit you can use for a reservation of total value of €55 and more. If your first reservation is less than €67, respectively € 55, you can use the credit next time. The credit is valid for 12 months. The discount is applied automatically, no discount code is required.

Find more detailed instructions here. And if you already have an account, you can always create a new one. If you use Gmail, just add or remove a period in your email address when registering on Airbnb. An email address is the same as or, and you will receive emails to the email address you already use.

2. Get €28 in Airbnb credit with an existing account

You can get an Airbnb discount coupon of €28 ($30) for your next holiday with an existing account. Just mark your current or future stay of €71 ($75) or more as a business trip. Find out how to do it on this page.

3. Invite your friends

Invite friends via your referral link, and if they will register and use the credit you gave them, or become hosts, you will earn €15 for your next stay. You will find your referral link on this page, where you will also find your current credit and the list of friends who registered.

4. Get a discount for longer stay

Many Airbnb hosts provide discounts for long-term stays, specifically weekly and monthly discounts. Weekly discount will apply to reservations for 7 to 27 nights. Monthly discount will apply for a stay longer than 28 nights. Often, it's worth it to stay for a long time at one place and not to change accommodation in one area.

If you are going to stay for 6 nights and the accommodation offers at least 15% weekly discount, it is worth to book a 7-night stay and leave on the sixth day. The same applies if you make a reservation for almost one whole month. Check out how much you would pay for 28 nights.

On the screenshots below you can see a price comparison for the same accommodation on Airbnb, which offers a 30% weekly discount and a 53% monthly discount. Booking for 7 nights is for €6 cheaper than for 5 nights.

5. Ask your host for a discount

The host of your desired Airbnb accommodation doesn't offer the weekly or monthly discounts? Ask the host by yourself! This works better if you are going to stay for more days, but you can also ask about short stay anyway. You can find the link to contact the host in the listing (see the screenshot below) – just enter the date of stay, the number of guests and write a nice message. It's good to write something about yourself, what brings you to the destination, and the price per night or the whole stay you would like to pay, or the percentage discount. Especially for longer stays, it pays off.

Better hosts and Superhosts will try to answer within 24 hours – this will keep them a high response rate that helps them to have a better position in search results.

6. Get emails with Airbnb discount deals

If Airbnb hosts offer discounts for selected dates and you have previously looked at these offers or locations, Airbnb will send you an email. For example, I was looking at Airbnb accommodation in Bali and Suva Island on 21st November, and I received an email with promotional offers from these locations on 24th November. This option is useful for those of you who are not in a hurry to book the accommodation, so they can wait if some discount will appear in the selected location. In case of weekly/monthly discount, both of them will apply.

Which tip or trick for cheaper Airbnb accommodation do you find most useful? Do you know any others? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook. And don't forget to share the article with your friends who can find Airbnb discounts useful.

Did you use your credit you earned when registering on Airbnb? No worries, there is still a possibility to get another Airbnb credit of US $30 with an existing account.

If you are not registered on Airbnb yet, use this link to get 35 euros for your first stay. For more detailed instructions, see the post How to get free €35 Airbnb credit. With the instructions below, you will get up to US $72 in credits for accommodation.

1. Log in to your Airbnb account

2. You need a work email

You need an email account that is not a regular free email service, such as Gmail. You have to use an email of your web domain, or school or work email. If you do not have one of these options, use the free 10 Minute Mail service to get a temporary email address for 10 minutes, which you can use to register your Airbnb business account. Your email address will be If you don't receive the email with the confirmation link within 10 minutes (you should receive it within one minute), you can repeatedly reset the mailbox timer and get 10 minutes.

3. Add your work email

You have to set up this email as your work email on Airbnb. From Airbnb, you will receive only one email – the confirmation link, so no worries about losing the temporary email. The confirmation email of your business travel or the coupon code of US $30 will be delivered to the email you used for signing up to Airbnb.

You will see your work email in your account settings.

4. Booking a business trip

All you need to do now is to book any accommodation for US $75 (before any guest fees or taxes) or more (you can pay for the reservation by your existing credit) and mark your stay as a business travel. If you've already booked some place in the required value, you can still mark it as a business travel in your bookings before you start the trip.

5. Receive a US $30 coupon code

After you've checked in to your accommodation, you'll receive an email with your US $30 coupon code.

Terms and conditions

At Airbnb, they often change the terms and conditions of receiving credit so you can check out the updated T&C.

Thanks to Airbnb you can find accommodation cheaper than in hotels in more than 34,000 cities around the world. You can find a really cheap place to stay in shared room, private room or also the entire home or apartment. And you can find unique places to stay like castles, boats, planes or tree houses.


Airbnb is often changing the value of the credit for your first stay. Normally you can get €27 (or equivalent in your currency). But there is one way how to get €37. Follow this guide and enjoy your voucher.

1. Go to Airbnb through this link.

2. You will get to the Norwegian version of Airbnb website (the screenshots below are from the German website). That's the only option how to get €37 credit instead of €27. Now register with your Facebook, Google or email – it's up to you.

3. Enter your information: name, surname, email, password and click the button.

4. Check your email inbox and click the button in the email from Airbnb – you will confirm your email address.

5. Switch the language to English on the bottom of the site.

6. Now you can use your €37 Airbnb voucher (or equivalent in your currency) before the payment. A qualifying reservation has to be in the total value of 650 NOK (€57) or more (excluding service fee).

That's all. Don't forget that the free €37 Airbnb credit is valid only for 12 months. Enjoy your stay and share this post with your friends!