My first solo traveling. To Philippines!

Budapest is becoming my regular place from which I leave in February. 9th February 2014 to Israel, 9th February 2015 to Sri Lanka and 9th February 2016 to Philippines. I really don’t choose these dates! But this time it will be little bit different.

I was thinking about traveling abroad to completely unknown country for me for about last two years. In summer I went to Georgia for two months but I was there on EVS with 9 other people so it doesn’t count.

Last year in May there was really good deal from Cebu Pacific and the tickets from Dubai to Manila cost only about 55 euros. So I bought it. My three other friends bought the tickets with me but in the end they were too lazy to make web check-in. And that’s how my first solo trip was born.

I spent one night in Budapest through Couchsurfing. I found one Georgian girl and even her status is “maybe accept guests” I had to try it. And it worked! Georgian hospitality is even out of Georgia. Ada lives in Budapest for six years. She studied there and now she works there. At her apartment Ada’s friends visited us, we had lovely dinner and lot of fun. We also diagnosed Georgian syndrom. It means you want to go back to Georgia as soon as possible. I hope me and her Romanian friend are an adequate sample.

In Dubai I arrived to the Dubai World Central airport. Some sheik needed new airport which will become the biggest in the world. But now it looks just like it’s in the middle of nowhere, 60 km from Dubai, only with low cost airlines, metro doesn’t go there and probably won’t in the future. Now I’m in the maze called Dubai Mall because my Couchsurfer’s apartment is nearby. I’m again on Couchsurfing here and right from my bed I can see the Burh Khalifa. And before midnight I’m finally going to Philippines. Or I hope so, Cebu Pacific doesn’t follow departure times so much.

This is going to be really low cost trip. I’m going only with backpack up to 7 kg, all 7 flight tickets cost me about 310 euros and I’d like to not pay for accommodation too much. The next few days I managed to to find hosts on Couchsurfing so it’s great. For the first time I will get absolutely outside of my comfort zone. But I’m really looking forward to meet new people while backpacking. And after this I’ll be prepared for a few months of backpacking in Southeast Asia where I want to go after graduation. Should I rather write my diploma thesis right now? Ah, the sources won’t run away.

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